Sunday, 10 December 2017

Arrangements in case of severe weather

How will we let you know if the school is closed? A text will be sent via teachers2parents mail. Please ensure your contact details are up to date please. 

If we do experience severe snow/ice resulting in hazardous conditions, we may have to take the decision to close the school. 

You may also find the information you need from the following sources:

• Kent Closure website - 

• Kent radio 

Please do not telephone the school as the phone lines may be needed. 

Even if the school is open, you may decide at the start of the day that the journey into school is not safe for your child. Please can you then call the school to report the absence in the usual way.

The school will always remain open whenever possible. We will only close on health and safety grounds, e.g. no heating, no running water, insufficient staff to supervise the students or if the site is not safe.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Christmas Productions

11th Dec- Monday
Year 5 and 6 production  (Start 2.30)

12th Dec- Tuesday
Year 3 and 4 production (Start 2.30)

14th Dec- Thursday
KS1 production (Start 2.30)

15th Dec –Friday
EYFS production (Start 2.30)

The New PTA will be selling tea/ coffee and mince pies after the productions for a £1 in the canteen.